Yacht specifications - Surveys - Refit and Repair

From the point of inception, DYM’s top priority has been yacht management and ensuring an effortless sailing season for our owners and their luxury homes at sea. We strive to meet each of our client’s individuals needs, providing true bespoke services as deemed necessary by each of our yachts. Our owners take great pride in spotting their yacht from a distance and we share the same enthusiasm at DYM! No two yachts are alike and as a result our initial focus is centered upon drawing the optimal portfolio and tailoring it to meet the demands of the owners, the yacht and the industry.

Dynamic Yacht Management’s extensive knowledge of the maritime industry ensures the highest quality of performance and value through yard selection, design and project management.

Our teams of consultants have surveyed or have been involved in the construction of some of the largest yachts afloat today.

DYM’s expertise includes:

  • Project Management
  • Vessel Design
  • Yard Selection and Negotiations
  • Plan Approval and Site Supervision
  • Environmental Issues


Dynamic provides a wide range of surveying services combined with casualty investigation and litigation support for disputes in all technical aspects of yacht operations. Our hands-on expertise is drawn from rigorous backgrounds in marine engineering, naval architecture and nautical disciplines to name a few.

DYM carries out the following surveys:

  • Pre-Purchase Condition and Valuation
  • SOLAS and MCA Code of Practice Compliance
  • Sea Trials and Machinery Performance
  • Damage Assessment and Repair Estimation
  • Hull and Bottom Inspection
  • Marine Coating and Material Application
  • Engine Diagnostic Tests
  • Cylinder Compression Tests
  • Engine Leak Down Tests
  • Non-Destructive Gauge Testing for Steel and Aluminum without Paint Removal


We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety at DYM. As such, our in-house compliance enforces stringent guidelines to ensure that we carry out all processes and due diligence for our clients, in accordance to ISO standards.

Our team is continuously engaged with vast re-fit projects and has the necessary knowledge and experience needed to assist with any project management contract, regardless of size. Their knowledge is drawn from years sailing at sea, involvement in re-fit/re-pair projects and consultation contracts as ship yard managers and developers.

This deep pool of experience is an excellent pairing with our pursuit for precision; ensuring that each project is completed with the highest standards of quality and safety in mind. Our accomplished network of vendors and industry contacts ensure a swift turn-around time on every project we take on, without sacrificing quality.

DYM also has an immense amount of hands-on experience as a prime contractor, if need be, to coordinate your entire re-fit project using only the best specialists.

We like to provide our clients with 100% transparency across our business projects and design each re-fit project/contract to meet the owner’s needs with clear accounting records. Our aim is to always save our clients time and money!


For a worry-free construction and launch, DYM will be happy to manage every aspect of your yacht’s new construction as suitable to your needs.


DYM and its team of professionals aim to turn their client’s dreams into reality in the most cost and time efficient manner.

Our bespoke services embark as early as the proposal stage, and are based off the owner’s individual needs and requirements for a true one of a kind service. The vessel’s size, layout, materials of construction, intended usage, range, speed and most importantly the budget are just a few things we emphasize during the design stage. After that is all set, the possibilities are endless for your dream yacht!


The design phase of a new-build can be quite exciting; however, seeing your dream grow into reality is a much more tangible experience. Our experience in all aspects of new construction, range from: conception with naval architects to plan approvals, yard selection, liaison with flag states, to the physical build with structure design, engineering systems, technology implementation, painting, interior, outfitting, commissioning and finally, sea trials.

Our tailored build specification packages ensure a smooth and effortless construction process for the client. Our specifications are detailed so that the change orders associated with the general construction and outfitting of the yacht are eliminated.

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