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Dynamic Yacht Management’s operations are ISO 9001:2008 quality systems certified. In addition to being safety and security experts in the maritime industry, DYM has developed and continues to expand their technical expertise to meet our client’s and the industry’s growing needs.

Paralleling our primary business unit’s focus on quality and safety, we are happy to provide vessel registration, marine insurance, emergency response and long term planning services for our clients as required.


Quality and Transparency in everything we do!

DYM developed and uses a proprietary accounting program specifically designed for yacht management and budgeting. The usability ranges from preparing annual budgets, to vendor management expenses and spending forecasts, which can all be easily consolidated with the accounts of DYM’s yacht database; providing a comprehensive, macro level report for monitoring purposes.

We constantly ensure that all our yachts are adequately funded with our forecasting and budgeting tools. As deemed necessary by each vessel, we can manage and implement a convenient payment system for all capital expenditures including crew payroll and re-fit work to make the transactions more simplified and consolidated.

We constantly liaise with captains and suppliers in order to procure zero-rate VAT on goods and services, whenever possible. Our yacht accounting packages include services such as: crew pay-roll, monthly accounting, and payment systems for expenses.


Dynamic provides consulting and advisory services for flag states and assistance with choosing the particular flag that is best suited for the individual needs of the yacht owner. We are vastly experienced in arranging registration for all types of luxury yachts worldwide, with any flag that best fits the owner's convenience.

Our team is abreast of current regulatory requirements necessary to register and insure our client’s yachts and is very well versed with the ever-growing demands and needs of today’s luxury fleet.

As a part of our registration services, we assist our clients with obtaining the most competitive marine insurance with the optimal coverage.

DYM can efficiently manage your vessel registration needs, including:

  • Marine Insurance
  • Yacht Registration (including change of ownership and yacht name)
  • Renewals and Amendments to Certificate of British Registry and Statutory and Regulatory Certificates
  • Radio Station License Registration
  • EPIRB Registration
  • LRIT Testing

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