ISM - ISPS - ISO Management

Dynamic Yacht Management aims to maximize the efficiency of vessel operations by reducing the downtime associated with statutory requirements and day/day management issues.

The International Safety Management (ISM) and the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) are standards of code and conduct set by the International Maritime Organization. They aim to establish systems of safe management and secure operation on vessels, which include yachts over 500 GRT engaged in commercial activity.

The International Standard Organization (ISO) ensures desirable characteristics of products and services such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability - all at an economical cost.


ISM: Is applicable to all yachts 500 GT and over, which are engaged in chartering.

Large Commercial Yacht Code is applicable to all yachts, under 500 GT, which are engaged in chartering.

DYM develops customized Safety Management Systems, based on the requirements laid out in the ISM Code and the Large Yacht Code as applicable to suit each client's and yachts specific needs. The overall aim is to minimize risk of damage to the environment, personnel and property, incidents, port state control problems and complacency. Yielding an optimal sailing experience with a safer vessel, less paperwork and heightened customer satisfaction.

Each yacht is assigned a web based User ID by DYM, which allows the permitted yacht personnel to access their Safety Management System documentation 24/7 and complete all monthly reports online. Our office personnel analyze the completed reports with real-time feedback in order to continually improve the safety, quality and reliability of the management system. The services as a whole provide a truly dynamic system, that is continuously tested for efficiency and improvement as per each client.

All records for 1 audit cycle are maintained on DYM’s online server, providing easy access for yacht personnel, in the most efficient manner.


ISPS: Is applicable to all yachts 500 GT and over.

Dynamic Yacht Management continuously plays a proactive role in the maritime industry by working with flag states to conduct CSO and SSO (company security officer and ship security officer) training courses. Our consultants are recognized experts in the field of maritime security and are fully equipped to assist any yacht in obtaining and maintaining certification under the code’s regulations.

Our consultants have approved over 550 ship security plans for the Recognized Security Organization (RSO), representing various flag states. DYM develops customized Ship Security Plans based on the Ship Security Assessment carried out by our expert auditors and consultants. The developed security plan will be approved by the yacht's flag state, and is regularly audited by our staff to ensure 100% compliance.

Our systems can be a standalone package, where Dynamic Yacht Management is not involved in the ISM code or daily operation of the yacht, but our company security office is fully aware of the yacht's operating routes and intended ports through a web based reporting system.

Each yacht is assigned a web based User ID by DYM, which allows the permitted yacht personnel to access relevant security information regarding the ports listed on the yacht’s itinerary, 24/7.

PFSO CSO Training.


ISO: Is a voluntary compliance.

"Quality is best represented at DYM with our undaunted policy of welcoming customer queries."

Quality Management System provides a dependable framework for managing your business processes both in the office and onboard your yachts with a comprehensive and systematic approach. Listed below are the benefits gained from installing a Quality Management System audited to the ISO 9001:2008 standards:

  • Improved Management Control/Organization/Planning
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Efficiency/Productivity
  • Improved Staff Retention/Motivation
  • Reduced Accidents

Dynamic Yacht Management approaches yacht compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards by concentrating on the simple basic principle listed below:

"Say what you do. Do what you say. Prove that you do it."

Our team has designed a concise and systematic approach to gaining compliance and provides all necessary support that might be necessary for your yacht and its crew. We are always on hand to assist with necessary staff training support, review of quality system documents, gap analysis or pre-assessment of readiness for certification, etc.

Our aim is to always provide our clients with whatever they may need to succeed in improving their business and gaining certification to ISO 9001:2008.

All records for 1 audit cycle are maintained on DYM’s online server, providing easy access for yacht personnel, in the most efficient manner.

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